Experience the beauty of Shabbat - The Rohr Chabad House Serving Brown University, RISD and J&W

Shabbat Dinner 

Experience the beauty of Shabbat


Experience Shabbat at Chabad

The warmth of family! The joy of community!

You are invited to experience Friday night Shabbat dinner in the welcoming and warm setting of the Chabad House. The intimate and elegant setting allows students to meet new friends and truly experience the beauty and warmth of Shabbat Dinner.  After a long work week, winding down at Chabad with good friends and good food is a true pleasure. Come when you please and leave when you need. 

All are Welcome

Shabbat Dinner Friday evening Sep 17th 7:45pm. 

RSVP [email protected]

Shabbat Lunch 12:30pm

Chabad House 12 Olive Street (between Brown and Prospect streets). 

Come by yourself or bring a friend. We look forward to personally greeting you at our Shabbat table. 

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