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Free mezuzah initiative

Mezuzah 2






The Chabad House will offer a free Mezuzah to any Jewish student who needs one for their dorm room or apartment. Ancient tradition teaches that this small Mitzvah brings blessing and serenity to your home. A person introduces holiness and harmony into the world by placing a Mezuzah on his or her door.You can get a Mezuzah to grace the door of your dorm or apartment, for a $20 deposit, fully refundable at the end of the year.


Sefer Torah






Interested in reading Talmud stories, want to try and learn some Rashi, need help with a report on the old biblical wicked King Ahab, or understanding the mystical "10 Sefirot"?

Rabbi Mendel and Chani are available (much of the time) to get together, once or ongoing to read, shmooze, learn and discuss anything related to Judaism, Torah or your own stuff. We have ongoing regular (and irregular) study-times with students on a wide variety of topics. Let's get together and make your own - and see if we can work out a good time...